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Phone Matt on (027) 629 0891  or to expedite the process complete form below.

Lodging a claim and next steps

Step 1. Contact us so we can discuss the loss event and review it against your insurance policy.

Step 2. We will then provide you with the relevant claim form and highlight any other supporting documents likely to requested from the insurer.

Step 3. Complete your claim form providing as much detail as you can, if help is required, please give us a call.

Step 4. Email your completed claim form back to MSI so we can review it and send for lodgement with the insurer.

Step 5. We will manage the claim to ensure it runs smoothly and a fair and reasonable settlement is reached.

If it's urgent, please take plenty of photo’s to document the damage and if you need to replace items urgently keep the receipts handy and submit them with your claim.

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